New Turkey Hunting Gear for 2016

Spring Turkey Hunting

With a new Texas spring turkey season coming up, that means its time to shake down our gear and see what might need replacing (or what catches our eye in the latest outdoor catalog). Hunting gear is always evolving, and here are a five new items that might make your spring turkey hunt more enjoyable.

Primos Box Call

Primos Grand Slam Rio Turkey Call

To get a shot at a turkey you’ve got to call them in. Primos is out with a Grand Slam Series 2016 Rio Edition Heartbreaker Box Call. The name is quite a mouthful, but they only produced 1,200 of these limited edition hardwood call. Each call is signed by Will Primos and features an engraved Rio Grande turkey scene.


Zink Calls Z-Pack Mouth Calls

Zink Z-Pack Turkey Calls

Sometimes you need options. The Zink Calls Z-Pack contains three different mouth calls to help you speak the turkey language. The Z-Pack includes the Z-Yelper, a traditional 2-reed call, the Z-Cutter, a 3-reed call for a good rasp, and the Z-Combo, another easy-to-use 2-reed call with a lot of rasp.

Cabelas Instinct Tactical Tat’r Kickstand Turkey Vest

Cabelas Tactical Tatr Kickstand Turkey Vest

Comfort and organization are two key factors that can help keep you focused on the hunt, and a well-built turkey vest can keep your mind on the prize. The new Instinct Tactical Tat’r Turkey Vest from Cabelas features a 3-inch memory foam “Speed Seat” that flips up and down without straps or magnets allowing you to set up quickly. Made of rip-stop polyester, the vest has molded pockets for box calls and mouth calls, cell-phone and GPS pockets, shell loops and a water hydration reservoir.




Turkey Fan Blind Decoy

Turkey Fan Blind Decoy

Blinds and decoys are a couple of must-haves for any turkey set-up, and the Turkey Fan Blind Decoy combines both into one product. It is basically a portable shield blind that is shaped and designed to look like a gobbler. You can set up behind the blind and use your other decoys to draw him in, or move around using locate-and-lure tactics to get close to the action. (Gander)



Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey Loads

Federal 3rd Degree Premium Turkey Loads

When you are ready to take a shot, you don’t want to think twice about your ammo. The new Federal Premium 3rd Degree Turkey Loads have a three-stage payload to deliver maximum performance. First, #6 Flightstopper pellets spread out quickly to cover the first 20 yards, followed by #5 copper-plated lead pellets deploy for kills within 20 to 40 yards, and finally #7 heavy tungsten-iron pellets extend out beyond 40 yards. Take your best shot from just about any range with these new turkey loads.

If you’re like me, you tend to hold on to your gear until it wears out. But you never know when something new needs to find its way into your turkey kit.