About Rack & Range

Rack and Range aims to provide news, information, and probably a hunting story or two about hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors in Texas. Any Texan will tell you: The Lone Star State is a unique place. And the opportunities for enjoying the Texas outdoors are unique as well.

The Panhandle Plains, Hill Country, Piney Woods, Prairies and Lakes, South Texas Plain, Big Bend Country, and Gulf Coast provide a Texas-sized array of wildlife, environments, and climates. From the duck blind, to the hunting lease, to the fish camp, we’ll share what we’ve learned, and point you to experts who can provide the information and insight you need to make the Texas outdoors more enjoyable.

From time to time we’ll provide our honest opinion of products and services that are supposed to make the hunt a little easier, the fishing trip a little more successful, and the campfire meals a little tastier. And we’ll always keep you up-to-date with the latest regulations from the good folks at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Hope you enjoy the website. Let us know how we are doing by shooting an email to colby@rackandrange.com.

Thanks y’all.

Colby Phillips, Founder